First pair of socks

I didn’t think I could knit socks… but then I tried it and it’s not nearly as hard as it looked. I used sensational knitted socks to get started and these socks are made with Trekking XXL. They are so warm and comfy!cloud9

:woot:Great job!! They look wonderful…


you did a great job! i like the yarn colors.

WOW!!! You did a GREAT job!!!

They look great! That book is so awesome and helpful.

:woohoo:Great Socks! You did a fantastic job!! :thumbsup:

Those are incredible! :woot:

They look great! I used the same book for my first pair.

brilliant for a first pair of socks, mine were just plain, ididnt even attempt a pattern on them.

Wow! Those look incredible! You must be so proud of yourself!

Oh, how pretty! I can’t believe those are your first socks. You did a wonderful job!

Those are your first? The pattern on them looks wonderful! - I’m like Debz - I just went for the plain stockinette on my first pair - I think I mainly still do those even now!

Those are fantastic! What pattern did you use in SKS?

Thanks everyone!
I am really happy with how they turned out…I have them on right now even though it’s 77 degrees here:teehee:

I used one of the patterns towards the beginning. It was in the 4 stitch repeat section and it’s sort of a twisted rib. you just K2, P2 for a few rows then do a knit two together but leave the stitch on the left hand needle and knit again into the front stitch. Then you just switch to P2, K2.

I love them! You said one of the first patterns in the “beginning”. Is that here in the patterns section?

Those are some great sox!

Hi Snowangel
I can’t believe that is your first pair of socks they are so professional!
As soon as I see a post for socks I get really excited you folks over there certainly know how to knit great socks x

Those are awesome! :cheering: you did a great job!