First pair of socks

I had wondered what all the excitement of knitting socks was all about…First I live in the south…my students were flip flops all year long (actually I really don’t see all year long but they say “we live at the beach”) and I don’t wear closed in shoes much, and those little tiny needles spelled too much work…however, I went to my LYS yesterday (30 miles) away and fell in love with the new yarns. So, I started my first pair of socks.
I have a question?
This is my first time with using DP kneedles for mor than I cord and once for the crown of a hat…and it seems so awkward to me. I am having trouble learning to hold the kneedles…I am an English knitter…any suggestions or is it just something that I will get the feel of after a while…I am moving very slow…1 1/4 inches of ribbing is all I have so far.

I wecome you to the wonderful world of sock knitting!! It is addicting! I learned how to knit socks in October and learned the “Toe Up” method, so I did not have to use the dpn right away and I think that helped me a lot. Now I can knit a pair in a few days if I really had too!! :XX: :XX:

I’m sure someone here will help you out with your question. Welcome again! :smiley:

Sock knitting is very addicting! It’s also nice because it’s more portable than other knitting. When I first started using the small DPN’s I felt pretty awkward to. Really I can’t give you any advice but to keep at it…once I got a few inches of ribbing done it got much easier. Oh, and remember not to get too tense while doing it…I think focusing on the small needles, small stitches etc. made my arms and fingers tense which just made the whole situation worse.

They still feel a bit awkward to me until I get a bit of the work done, then I guess the weight of the sock helps balance the needles. I’ve only done socks on 4 dpn’s and the project I just finished was on 5, and that was even a little more awkward at first. Just stick with it, you’ll get used to the needles and turning the heel is magic. :inlove: :inlove:

I hope turning the heel will feel like magic…it looks hard…but I am armed with good directions and Amy’s video on making the child’s sock so hopefully, I will feel the magic.

Also bookmark Silver’s Sock Class:

It’s one of the best resources for beginning sock knitters out there :thumbsup:

I tried teaching a lady at my SnB how to knit with dpns last night, and she found it awkward too. Personally, I find all of my dpn projects are a little floppy and wonky until I get about an inch or so into them, then they seem to behave better. Stick with it, the end results and the gratification of learning something new are immense!!!

:smiley: I’m so excited to find yet another new socknitter :cheering: :cheering: I, like everyone, I think, was awkward with my 1st dpns :wink: After a while it will be like 2nd nature to you :smiley: Socks are lots of fun, portable, as Kemp said, just fun, fun, fun…my favorite things to knit. Just remember…Enjoy it, have fun :wink:

I agree with what has already been said- once you get a couple of inches done, it gets much easier!! I found that having my work rest on a table in the beginning helped me to not lose control of the needles so much.
Turning the heel is not that bad- really!!
I just turned the heel on my first sock on dpns. I think I may be addicted!! :cheering:

I’m just going to repeat what everyone else said already. :thumbsup:

Everyone is so encouraging…I had to come read your comments several times----I just told my non-crafty mother that I was learning to knit socks and her comment was “that seems like such as waste of time and money”…oh well, so she is old and set in her ways----I’m having fun…and every one is right…it is getting easier as I go…and I do appreciate the kind encouragement.

LOL, many people have said the same thing to me about knitting socks…until I give them a pair :wink: Then they want more, more, more handknit socks :wink: I’m glad you’re having fun…honestly, I could just knit socks & be happy :smiley:

I am taking a 2-part class on sock knitting at my LYS- part two is this Saturday. The teacher told me that if someone told her she was only allowed to knit one type of thing for the rest of her life, she would only knit socks, and be forever happy!! :smiley:

I couldn’t figure out the big deal of knitting a sock…until I finished my first one. I now have more dpns than you can imagine and a whole new stash of sock yarn.

I found a sock pattern on the web (sorry not at home and don’t have the site) and just followed the directions step by step. AMAZING. That heel turned like silk off a spool and the gusset looked…well, like the picture.

If you’re able, follow silver’s sock tutorial (knitting in front of the computer) or some similar site with nice clear directions. It’s much simpler than you’d expect. The dpns tend to be a little awkward until you get a way down on the leg. And I find that if I keep the ends of the needle I’m working on on top of the other needles, I don’t have any ladder problems.

Good Luck. Have fun.

Gladys in Michigan lovin’ sock knitting.