First pair of 'SHORT-ROW HEELS' socks!

[size=6][color=red] xxx I just finished my THIRD pair of handknitted socks…last night !

They are my first pair with ‘short-row heels’ and I have to admit…these got a few tears of frustration out of me when I lost a wrapped stitch off of the needle and couldn’t figure out how much of it was supposed to go back in WHAT order ! ! ! Both heels had to be ripped back at some point and redone, but I’m happy enough with them for now. Of course, that’s the wonderful thing about knitted goods…you can always rip them out later and re-knit ![/color][/size]

These are really cute! Glad you kept at it!

I really like the color. And the pattern is really cute.

Short rows took me days to learn how. I bookmarked like five pages each explaining how, and I frogged a practice heel many times.

:?? [size=6][color=indigo]Yeh, unfortunately, I’m one of those people who won’t take the time to swatch or do a practice heel ! And paying $20 for a skein of yarn puts a lot of pressure on a girl on a budget to GET IT RIGHT ! ! ![/color][/size]

Great job - I love the colors!

Yeah, the budget is tough to keep up with when buying sock yarn~! The socks do look great~!

really cute!! :heart:

Wish me luck! I am almost ready to start my first pair of socks, too. (gotta finish up one project OTN now.)


Those are SO CUTE! I love the way they look with the shoes (which I love btw!)

those are really cute! :slight_smile: