First pair finger weight socks!

yippeeeeeeeeeeee! I finished my first pair of finger weight socks (and they’re for me) they only took me 13 days from the time I cast on for the first and grafted the toes of the second! (keep in mind I didn’t get to knit every day :pout:
I used the magic loop method, co 56 and went from there, next time I think I’ll cast on more, 64 maybe, b/c the stitches stretch to the max to fit my wide foot. Anyway the yarn I used was Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock color 92 river (only used one skein and still have 11 g left over. each sock only weighed 24g & I called my lys and asked if I could bring the other back even though it was wound into a center pull skein and they said to let them see it first and then they’d make their decision from there), and size 2 addi 40". I loved the magic loop method of knitting socks, wonder if I could use it to knit mittens? prolly.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Your first pair of fingering weight socks AND you did Magic Loop!! Bravo!!! :cheering:

13 days is awesome!!! It takes me months to make ONE. :pout: That’s why I’m a little worried about the Swap!!

I better get knitting :out:

:cheering: Wonderful job!

:cheering: good for you they look great! :cheering:

I am going to try the magic loop with fingering and doing a cable sock at that.

I’m not to jazzed up about getting them on the needles quite yet. I’ll probably knit my hoodie during that time as well.

Your socks look great! :happydance:

they look great!

I love them :heart:

Very nice job! :thumbsup:

Love the colors!

Wonderful job! I’m still sort of scared to make socks, they look too complicated for me… :??

I agree with Mystery
I am not QUITE that good yet

No good enough for Socks

But I have hope
I saw someone turning a heel, and it did not look totally un-do-able

but I just finished the FIRST scarf I ever made with Cables
I have made a few in between but I had to finally FINISH this one
and now its done
I am gonna finish 2 more today i HOPE I hOPE


They look wonderful! I’ve got to get back on a pair of socks I started way back in the summer now that my Christmas knitting is all done!

:cheering: :cheering: Thatt’s great work! What pattern did you use?

Great job! They look awsome :thumbsup:

no pattern really, I cast on 56 and knit 6 rows in k1p1 rib and 25 rows st st. and then turned the heel deviding the sts in 1/2 starting with st #17 and then p/u 14 for the gusset and decreased the toe 2" short of where the sock needed to be ended. Next time I will use a pattern or at least write down better what I did, so I don’t have to count how many rows-what an eye crosser!

Thanks for all the compliments, I got Sensational Knitted Socks for Christmas and ordered the sequal I will definately use the book for my next pair of socks, great book!!! o the possibilities!

:cheering: :cheering:

those look great!!! 13 days is fast!

[color=violet][size=7]Super job[/size][/color] :notworthy:

[color=green][size=6]I have fingering weight merino wool on the way, and hope to try my next pair of socks with it. Haven’t tried the magic loop method yet…I love my dpns, so I’m not sure I’ll try any other method. I would like to figure out how to avoid the little hole near the ankle, though. And I want to try a short row heel soon ![/size][/color]


Very cute. I really need to get to work on the socks I started like 3 months ago for my daughter. Ah well, I’m scared of socks- I’ll admit it. Great work!!

don’t be scared, I was at first and waited a while to do these. In fact the first pair I was gonna attempt was with fingering weight yarn and my hands started to cramp up-not fun. So I took it back to the LYS and made a pair of slipper socks with 2 strands of ww held together, then I was hooked.