First Noro experience :o)

I have to admit I’ve been shying away from Noro for quite some time; partially because the yarn feels rough and partially because of the price.

One of my LYSs had a spring cleaning sale today and there was some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn on sale for 30% off. I grabbed two skeins and now I’m setting out to knit the supernova circular shawl with it… so far, so good. It doesn’t really feel as rough when you start working with it, and the fabric it’s creating is pretty nice.

I love the fabric it creates. The colors are gorgeous! Unfortunately I just can’t deal with the scratchiness. :shifty:

I’ve seen Noro in my LYS…it is so fine I wonder how the heck you are supposed to knit with it!

That must be the sock yarn/fingering weight. They have various weights all the way to bulky I think.

Yeah, there’s all different weights – sock, dk, worsted and heavier. There may even be a laceweight.

Oh ok…but still, it must be difficult to knit with the uber fine varieties, eh?

It takes a while to get used to them. I couldn’t knit single stranded lace at all, or even double stranded at first. Then I started using laceweight with a fingering weight, then lace doubled, which is the same as fingering. I do prefer using lace doubled, though I might try one of the thicker ones, and usually like fingering or sport weight for lace knitting. You don’t have to use teeny tiny needles with the thinner yarn either, unless you’re doing socks. Lace patterns use needles much larger than you’d knit the same yarn for sweaters. I use a 10 or even larger with the fingering.


I have some Noro Sekku, and that is cobweb weight…

Haven’t used it yet for anything though…