First New Project in Years

So, I decided to knit a Christmas Stocking, as ours are looking rather aged and decrepit. I can’t say, exactly, what it was in my head last Saturday that told me, “Sure! You can knit stockings and socks!” but I listened to it, bought new yarn, new needles, new patterns books, ordered more needles and kept soldiering on the throw I’ve been doing for the living room.

First off, throws, hats, scarves and the like are dead easy and you can do while watching TV or listening to your husband yammer on about his day. I’ve never knit in the round. I’ve never used DPNs, but how hard could it be.

I walked out of the hobby store with my head held high and my pride intact. By the end of the day my head would be hung in defeat and my pride, in tatters. But I get so far ahead of myself.

I began reading the pattern for a monochromatic pattern (best to learn a new skill at, right?) and as I read further in to the pattern muttering, “I can do that… yeah… oh sure, that’s easy… oh… uhm… wait… no. No, I cannot do that”. The first inkling of a doubt wiggled in, quietly waiting for me to pick up my yarn. So I began to carefully knit a top down stocking pattern, and it was easy. I was feeling good, confident… then I realized I needed to change needle size and wouldn’t you know it, no one in this backwater has that size in DPN. So I’m off to the web to order those and some other supplies I’d lost or run out of.

I will admit, at this point, you really should practice some things before you give it a full go. I am now cognizant of that fact. I know it as sure as I know the sun rises in the… crap, no I don’t.

Anyway, as soon as the new size needles came in, I realize that neither I, not anyone around me had ever knit socks and for them turning a heel meant getting a grass stain out of their kids’ socks. So, I do whatever any other able-minded woman in a small, cultureless town would do, I hit the internet. And I found a nice woman who sounds as if she’s from Manchester, named Dorret, who was aces at teaching how to knit socks, turn a heel, shape the gusset and form the toe and graft. She was the ONLY person to mention keeping track of your center stitch. (To the woman who uses circular knitting needles to knit socks, I hope you stub your toe really hard one night getting up to go to the loo, because your video hurt to watch that bad.)

So, I am left with a Christmas stocking that looks like it was made for a person with some weird form of scoliosis for the legs and foot.

Definitely using yarn scraps for that… now I am off to practice turning a heal, shaping the gusset and toe. I may have to hire a 5 year old to graft for me, though since I german knit, so none of the directions I’ve read or watched helped at all.

I’m so happy to find this place!:cheering:

I’m sure that the woman who did the circular needle socks probably has helped someone else who felt the same way about something that may have helped you – I hope she doesn’t break her toe stubbing it. :slight_smile:

Keep on going, though, you’ll get there! Just remember to have fun doing it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope she doesn’t break a toe either. She’s knit wonderfully crafty and canny toe cozies and I’d end up under my desk curled up in a fetal position.

I’m practicing turning the heel and shaping the gusset for now, may as well make the daughters some half-socks that they like wearing. My first stocking had me wondering why I couldn’t have chosen gluing things to other things for a hobby, though