First Mittens Halp!

I have monstrous hands and tiny wrists! What should be the circumference of the cuff of my mittens? I feel like I made it too small to fit over my hands but I want it to be snug on my wrists. what I have right now is like 5.somethig inches but the circumference of my palm is like 8. Will it stretch? Will I be able to squeeze in? Should I make these mittens for someone with smaller hands?

If you have another pair of mittens or gloves you could measure the wrist and palm on them. You could also put the mitten that you’ve knit so far onto scrap yarn and see if it stretches over your wrist and hand. The size depends on the ribbing, the yarn you used and how tightly you knit. You’re the best judge of that.

Your hands must be like mine (men’s medium hands, women’s medium wrists.) Try putting the stitches on a piece of scrap yarn and pinning the cuff closed. Using a 2x2 rib works well for me because it seems a little more stretchy.