First major frogging (a grumble thread)

OK, so it happened. I had to frog my latest project…completely. That’s what I get for being cocky about it in the “first sweater” thread where I talked about currently knitting a vest and how easy it is.

Well, it WAS easy. But I didn’t listen to that little voice that’s been nagging at me since I was about a third of the way through…that little voice that was whispering [size=2]“it’s going to be too small”[/size]. I got completely done except for sewing the shoulder seams together. I pinned them together and tried it on. Not a pretty sight I’m afraid.

So I’ve started all over and am now back on row 8. Sigh.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I feel for you. The most I’ve ever had to frog was a bootie, so nothing near as long as a vest, but the feeling is awful isn’t it.

This one will go much better though - just think what it’ll feel like once its done!

:muah: :hug: :muah:



i had to do the same with the tie-front cardigan (vogue, holiday issue) i’m making. i was nearly finished with the frosted flowers pattern, and realized i missed a series of purl stitchs on a few rows. it looked goofy, so i frogged the whole darn thing. i’m on row 5 now… but the way i see it, when it’s finally completed, i’ll be happier with a (hopefully) PERFECT cardigan…( :?? )

I had the same problem with the first vest I made out of my mother’s (read teacher’s) supervision. I didn’t use a pattern, and hadn’t heard of (or possibly I had but it went in one ear and out the other) gauge swatches. I didn’t frog it though. I knitted up a couple of long strips about two inches wide, which I sewed on as side panels. This did make it better (and actually looked ok), but still too tight for me, so I ended up giving it to one of my cousins, who’s tiny.

Oh, I am sorry! I just frogged 1/2 a had when I realized I had dropped a stitch right after the ribbing. No wonder my cable looked so wonky! I couldnt figure out how to pick it up when it was part of a cable so I just ripped the whole thing out. Too bad, but not as much work as you did! :wall:

Well, good for you starting it over anyhow, that’s determination!
I’m knitting now about 3 years (knitted many years ago but simple stuff) and I’m finding so many projects I have to rip… never the whole thing yet but major work. I’m doing my first skirt right now and I totally messed up on the increase row but I’m thinking I might like the way it’s turning out and NOT FROG IT! A lot of stitches to frog. oh well, it’s amazing how much you learn with each project!

Well, if I would like the yarn less I probably would have just sewn it up and given it away. But the yarn is gorgeous and nice to work with too.

It’s # 106 (hope the picture isn’t too big)

The photo really doesn’t do this yarn justice. It will look so good over a black blouse and jeans. It needs to be something sweaterish and since I don’t have enough for anything with sleeves, it will turn into a vest even if it kills me! :!!!:

oh wow, that is so gorgeous!

Personally, I think a little frogging is good for the soul.

I just frogged a scarf I was working on with this gorgeous Manos yarn.

The yarn is just too pretty for a half decent scarf (my tension was inconsistent and so the edges aren’t straight.

Ok, started again and it is looking much better!

I know I’m scattered when I have to frog and it forces me to focus!


Also, my knitting mojo has been on the low side lately so I have more than just that scarf to frog.

I will wait for the juices to start flowing and try again!

I can feel it coming :nails: any day now!

I’m sorry Jeannette. :hug: I just had my first major frogging project, too (and I posted a rant about it!). But my project turned out okay in the end; I was misreading the pattern. If you choose to go back and reknit, I’ll bet it will turn out GREAT! :thumbsup: That yarn is just too pretty! :inlove:

Oh, that’s what froggin is!!! :?? :shrug: I can do that!!!

I’ve never frogged a whole project, but I did frog a lot. I think about everything I made has had some frogging. But well, that’s what you get when you don’t pay enough attention (or like you, don’t try it on). When I knit something big, and I’m not sure wether it’ll fit, I’ll knit to half of the needle (yes, I still work on straights) and try if it’s big enough. That always works (and has caused some frogging, but fortunately no whole projects)

Oh, I do so empathize! I too am working on a vest. I had the front half finished when I realized I forgot to read a “pattern note” in tiny print about how to place the increases and decreases. I had wondered why my edges looked so wonky. So I had to rip out the front so it would match the back. Now I am getting close to finished with both pieces and it looks way better than it did the first try. Hang in there!