First magic loop make, and a question

So made this on my new Options circulars (started on the Hiya HiyaHiyas but they’re bamboo and too grippy for the yarn), can you see the pattern or is it lost in the self striping wool?

Also how long did it take for the cable on the Options to straighten out (@Jan_in_CA)? This is the cable I was using to make the hat and as you can see its still twisted :confused:

I can see texture differences on the hat, but couldn’t tell you what the specific pattern is. (Could be the angle of the shot/light as well.) As a general rule, variegated yarns do best with the simplest of patterns - an overall texture or even plain stockinette. Busy yarn, simple pattern. Busy pattern, simple yarn. Otherwise, it will always get lost.

As for the cable, I believe you can dunk it into a pot of hot water to soften it up a bit and allow you to mold it back into shape. (I have a different brand and haven’t run into this as an issue yet, so just making a suggestion, not speaking from experience.)

@lewister yes I think you’re right - it’s supposed to look like this:

Thanks for the cable tip, I’ll give it a go - I’m assuming you don’t put the metal connectors in the water?

Evie, I like your hat. Yes, the flow of the pattern isn’t obvious but the nubby, squooshy texture is perfect. The hat looks warm and comfy.
How did you like working magic loop?

I found it a lot easier with more flexible cables! Once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite easy :slight_smile: Thank you, I hope the hat will be nice and warm, I’m making them for a local homeless charity.

From what I can find, dip only the cables, not the tips. Near-boiling water. Anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.

You don’t need to dip these cables in hot water. It doesn’t have to be straight because it has no memory. The longer cables do get a bit coiled around from storage, but unless your cable is very long and the project small it’s not a problem. I learned to twist the needle/cable so it sits the way I want when I’m doing magic loop.

I’m knitting a hat right now so I’ll post what I mean if I can.

Oh and while some patterns do look better in solids I like your hat! It’s very pretty!

Thank you :slight_smile: I want to make some fingerless gloves to go with it if possible but if the cable still twists I’m going to get all muddled up!

You might need a shorter cable. It just has to be long for the work and the knitting method. I like long ones because I like two loops on my magic loop. Here’s a couple pictures of my hat in progress. In one you can see the needle size compared to the project. It’s an 80 stitch hat on a 40" cable. The other one is with a few stitches knit so you can sorta see the two loops. Neither one is large or twisty or gets in the way.

Thanks @Jan_in_CA, I saw a video - I think it was from Very Pink and she had something on ML and the cord was straight out behind the work so was kinda expecting that. I guess it’s just something to get used to, as with all new techniques! :slight_smile:

Yeah. Here’s a better pic of how the loops look. What size cable were you using for the hat?

The 32", it did look similar to your photo but I just found it just got in the way but again that might be because I have not done it before! I did have to keep twisting the needles (they definitely stay attached!) to get the loops to look like yours, I guess it’s just more practice before I can make two fingerless gloves on them - I’m so impatient :smile:

Okay then… lt’s just because you need practice. Personally I don’t like using 32" for a hat, but that is personal preference.

And I probably shouldn’t say never, but I will never do two at a time for anything. Famous last words right? I like to keep things simple. I’ve knit with multiple balls of yarn for fair isle and helix knitting and they tend to get tangled up so I know 2 at a time would drive me nuts. Good for you if you can manage it though!

I’m blaming Very Pink for this!

I agree that it’s a pain in the rear working with multiple balls of yarn. Before I started my current project, I made a pair of striped socks (toe up, two at a time with magic loop) for my son. It was hard enough to keep things from tangling with only 2 balls of yarn. It was even worse during the color changes when I added 2 more. I don’t see myself doing it again anytime soon, but you never know! I do have a few other projects in mind before the end of the year. Some of them do involve multiple colors!

A stranding guide helps me keep my skeins in order (also keeps purls from falling off my finger which was frustrating when I did 2 finger stranding), as long as they stay on their proper sides in the bag the one towards the back of my finger goes to that side of the bag. If I switch positions of the strands it’s only one cross as long as I remember which strand goes over the other when I change positions again.

Before with 2 fingers and doing 2 socks of the same color double knitting I’d mark the skeins to make sure I was knitting the correct sock/skein. Since the strand positions never change double knitting 2 socks the guide keeps the straight.
I’m not sure if it would be a help or hindrance with 2 socks on a loop.

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@Jan_in_CA I somehow missed your lovely hat. The combination of pattern and colors is perfect.

Oh thanks! I never did post the finished hat! Later today then. .