First LYS trip

so I made my first trip to my local yarn store this afternoon…its was blissful torture…I went to get a large pair of circs for the afghan and they were having their anniversary sale…agh…not fair…i found tons of yummy yarns but being newly laid off no extra money for that right now…but I did purchase my first pair of Addi’s…I could see myself getting into trouble in that store…when I have money…:teehee:

Way to show restraint. I always have to buy at least something when I go the my LYS. I have found that I can only go if I have something I’m looking for. Otherwise, I end up going crazy…:woohoo:

Ohhh I remember that first trip…it’s been downhill from there. :lol: I buy nearly all my yarn there now. I like to support the local places at least some of the time. :thumbsup:

My first LYS trip sucked - they snubbed me and none of the employees deigned to speak to me. I promptly left without spending a dime.

My BFF took me to a LYS near to where I used to live (Three Bags Full) and zomg, totally different experience. They were way nicer to me, helpful etc. I bought as much yarn as I could afford when I lived there and my mom got me a gift certificate for me from that yarn shop for my birthday, $100. She meant for me to buy yarn but instead I went there and got an Addiclicks set (I had to fork out another $100 of course lol.)

My LYS is awesome, too. But I do not limit myself to just one shop. I like the hunt, as well.

I had to build my reputation with the different women there, though, I know what you mean. I would have liked a different welcome better. But their selection and prices are good, so I kept going there. (too much)

When going to Sveden this year I will take a good look at local yarn there. Iceland this spring was a bit disappointing: really expensive and pretty scratchy (or imported) so I stayed brave and did not buy anything there.

I hope to find a well equipped Drops-Store in Sveden. The prices are no cheaper than ordering from here and the delivery was quick. But I could touch all the yarns and get a feel for them. Then I can still order something later. But don’t think I will leave those stores emptyhanded… thankfully my husband totally understands - to a certain point. :slight_smile: