First LYS Experience

So I just got back from visiting my brother in Pittsburgh about a week ago. We had a great time. Gotta say though, my favorite part of the trip was visiting the lys there. I expected to like it there, but I didn’t expect it to be just this…completely heavenly experience. There was so much selection, and nice good yarn. Then being in an environment where I knew everyone else was as obsessed with yarn as I was…it was nice knowing that I was surrounded by people in there who understood it. While I was there, I got some nice yarn. I got some Berreco Vintage DK, Crystal Palace Yarns Mochi Plus, Madeline Tosh Merino Light, Hikoo by Sacel, Rowan Pure Wool, and some circular Bamboo Addis. The only yarn I’ve gotten a chance to work with so far is the Hikoo by sacel. Which is this this really fuzzy yarn that my brother wanted for a scarf. The yarn is surprisingly not a pain in the you know what to work with. Or maybe it was the Addi’s…I just had to try them out, and as I’ve heard they’re just lovely to work with. Now I’m anxious to try out different needle types like the Harmony Woods from KP. But I’m getting off the topic lol. The lady that rung me up was super nice. She even threw in a free recyclable bag to carry all of my yummy yarn in!! And I got to roll my hanks into balls, which made me happy, bc the last time I attempted to roll a hank into a ball it was a complete mess lol!! Anyway, just wanted to share my first lys experience with you guys!! :mrgreen:

Awesome! I’m glad you had such a good experience! I go to my LYS every Friday night for knit night. It is great to be surrounded by beautiful yarns, supplies and friends. :slight_smile:

I used to go to knit night every thursday but haven’t gone now for years. I started taking art classes a couple of years ago and they sort of took the place of knit night. Your mentioning it makes me kind of miss it. WEBS and all the other online places have their role but there really is nothing like going in and talking and seeing what the store has knit up as samples, getting some help or taking a class.

I’m so glad you enjoyed your LYS. I really love the 2 locals that I can go to. Neither is close to me, but they’re each worth the trip.

I made a hat for my granddaughter out of the mochi plus…pastel colors…I loved working with it! Do you have an idea what you will make with it?

I got three balls of it since it’s only 95 yards, so I was thinking maybe a small purse or something like that. :slight_smile: