First log cabin blanket WIP

Many thanks to Jan for help with this and on how to post photos!


Wow, that’s beautiful! Aren’t they fun?!

Thanks! I love working with all the colours.
I know the residents of the nursing home love

Can’t wait to get the Mason Dixon book. Should
Be delivered this week.

Then how to figure out how to buy more yarn for
More blankets without the hubby seeing. LOL!
I would love a grouping of jewel tones for one.
I love blues and orange too…so many colours, so
Little time!

Here in Canada with fall coming, lots of beautiful
Fall colours too. So much for just using old yarn!

Wonderful blanket and so kind of you to donate this to a nursing home. It’s beautifully done and sure to cheer everyone. Well done.

Thank you for your kind words.
It is very sad how many in nursing homes
Have no one to visit and make things for
them. These are a joy to make.

Gorgeous and cheery too. Well done you!

I know what you mean about the yarn thing - stash yarn doesn’t always match up with available patterns.