First koolaid dye

Thanks to Knitpurlgirl

its just lionbrand fishermans wool, the only white I had on hand.

SO beautiful!!! LOVE it!!! :slight_smile:

I thought I detected a somewhat cozier temperature inside the house with all that yarn everywhere!

Ooh, pretty! Have you figured out what to make with your yarn yet?

I love it! Does is wash up well? Kool aide is like a miracle substance.

ok that color is georgous…as we speak I’m looking up the kool-aid dye video since i have tons of white but none of the pretty colors i want

Wow! So pretty! My wife would like that one!

Kool aid dying is sooooo much fun. Love the color, what will you make with your yarn?

Is it possible to dye yarn that is not wool?

I love the idea of making something so customised! Looks lovely!

Kool-aid will dye protien fibers; wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, etc. I think it works on the new soy and milk fibers. IT does not work on tencel and bamboo from all I’ve been told.

GORGEOUS yarn! Great job!!! What will you knit up with it?

That’s gorgeous! I’d buy it in a second. Great job. I’ve heard of Kool-Aid dyeing.

wow that turned out really good! did you name it?

wow! you really must explain your process (and document in pictures!) because that is so delicious, I could drink it up! :smiley: