First knitting attempt - Problem with my stitches

Hello everywhere,
This is my first attempt at knitting- I finished the cast on stitches and was in the process of doing “knit stitches”. However, I am not sure what I have done incorrectly but I have this very long unknitted section in the middle. Is there a way to fix this problem? I tried searching online but do not even know what “search terms” to use.

Thank-you so much for your help :smile:

Either some of them have dropped off the needle or the cast-on you used has left some loose yarn. It’s possible, but really annoying, to fiddle with the yarn and pull some of it back into the stitches.

Take a look at some of the other cast-ons like long tail and cable. See if one of them suits, and your problem should go away.

Welcome! If I had to guess I’d say you used the backward loop cast on. Is this the one? If so I suggest you use a knitted cast on instead or one of of the others. If you didn’t use the backward loop cast on then it’s possible you dropped some stitches or maybe didn’t quite do the cast on correctly.

Knitted cast on

Thank-you for your replies. I used the instructions in this knitting help video -

I believe some of the cast-on must have fallen off the needle when I was just to do the basic knitting stitches. Is there perhaps a video you could recommend to show me how to redo the cast on stitches that have fallen off? I am using hoop needles that are not detectable. Or should I “cut my losses” and start from scratch again?

Knitting is a lot harder than I expected :wink:

Thank-you for your help :slight_smile:

When I started knitting, I used the knitted cast-on because it was easy to do; you just knit your cast-on stitches onto the needle. It is a good cast-on for beginners, and I would recommend it for you since you are a beginner. To learn more about how to do the knitted cast-on, check out the video that Jan_in_CA posted with her response to your post.

Also, when I first did the long tail cast-on, I sometimes had the problem of the stitches falling off, particularly when I would start knitting after the cast-on, so you are not alone. As for redoing the stitches for it, I would tear out the work I had done (this was easy since it was after I had done the cast-on), and cast-on the fallen stitches again. What kind of cast-on are you doing?

:Oh! That’s a video from Amy here at Knitting Help! There are more videos at the link at the top of the page.

So you did a long tail cast on which is my favorite and the one I use 99% of the time. I think you must have dropped off some stitches, but I don’t think there is a way to fix it easily and since there are quite a few I suggest just starting over. If this is just practice you may want to not cast on so many till you get the hang of it.

Your needles are called circular and there’s nothing wrong with them. That’s all I use anymore.

How do you know how much yarn to use for a long tail cast on? I like the concept but don’t want to run out of ‘tail’ before I’ve finished casting on!

Here’s an estimate for different yarn weights:

You can also cast on 10sts by long tail cast on, mark the first and last stitch, measure the length of yarn and scale that up to the pattern cast on.
Another way which works well for very long cast ons e.g. for blankets, is to use 2 strands of yarn. The strands can be from separate balls or from beginning and end of a skein. Tie the 2 together and proceed with the long tail cast on. You won’t run out of yarn but you will have extra ends to weave in.