First knitted vest

Hi there!

Well, I just finished my first knitted article of clothing. And, best of all…my vest actually FITS!! :happydance:

I found the pattern a little tricky; for some reason, the measurements I was supposed to take at certain points often didn’t match up. But with advice from my Knitting Help friends and from a nice lady at a local yarn store, I was able to get through it.

You got through it beautifully. Very well done. :thumbsup: I love the color. It should be such great fun to wear. And it fits! Was the flower tricky?

As the Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Yes, the flower [I]was[/I] a little difficult, but it was so much prettier than the other pattern I had that I stuck with it. :stuck_out_tongue: It seems like crocheting a flower would be so much easier if I knew how. Maybe some day.

Oh, very nicely done. Enjoy every minute of wearing it and all the admiring compliments!

It’s really wonderful! I like the design, and your embellishment! Great work!

WoW! I really like the color and the pattern! Eventually I will give something like that a try!

Wow, that’s pretty!! You did a fabulous job!

It really isn’t that hard to crochet a flower. I am only 11 and I know how to, I make and sell them for pocket money :slight_smile: It just takes practice :wink:

why would you think it wouldn’t fit??

you did a tension square didn’t you?

It looks fabulous - well done!

Well, yes, I did gauge swatches…I guess I just wasn’t feeling very confident! :slight_smile: I’ve heard stories of people who made sweaters and vests and who worked really hard on their project. But when they finished, it [I]didn’t fit[/I]…so I guess that’s what worried me.

Sometimes gauge swatches lie. I’m not the only one who’s found that my gauge changes part way through a project. It happens. Not for everyone maybe, but it does happen. I think newer knitters are more likely to not notice it until a project is completed because of getting used to knitting and holding the yarn and learning the feel of things. Experience teaches us to check now and then to see if gauge and other measurements are still what they should be. As time’s gone by I’ve noticed that I can tell if the yarn is moving more or less easily so my chances of having different gauges and not noticing for a long time are lessened. Experience is the best, and maybe the hardest, teacher.