First knitted sock

Hi all,

I made my first sock–can’t wait to make another one (thanks to Silver’s tutorial). I am so excited! I tried to post a picture, but couldn’t --don’t know how.

Knitaholic :smiley:

**Here’s the picture of my sock.

woot! you did it!

:cheering: great job!

did you scan the sock itself?

:cheering: :cheering: YIPPEE KIYAY :cheering: :cheering: That is a perfect sock…WTG :wink:

Yes, I did, but after I submitted it, I realized that it was supposed to be resized–sorry, I guess I got carried away.

Knitaholic :oops:

Thanks, everyone for the comments. I really enjoyed making this! I never thought I could ever make a sock, but with Silver’s excellent tutorial, I did it. I honestly never thought I would progress past making dishcloths.

Knitaholic :rofling:

:smiley: Now you see, you can knit anything…just a bit of practice and directions like Silver’s and you are on your way… :happydance: :cheering:

One of these days, I’m going to knit a sweater–but, I’m not quite ready yet. I have 2 sweater books, but haven’t used them yet. I have to admit, I love knitting socks and DPN knitting. I did not get frustrated at all knitting this, although, the knitting wasn’t perfect. I hope the next sock goes well.


Knitaholic :smiley:

Yea!!! I was told if I could knit socks, that I can knit a sweater…I’m starting with a baby one.

OK, I did sweaters before I did socks and everyone’s right - if you can do a sock, you can do a sweater!!! I was scared of socks. Nice job on that sock, too! Have you done the pair or just the one?

I, too, am a fan of Silver’s sock site! She is amazing!



:wink: I haven’t done a sweater yet…just haven’t gotten around to it :rollseyes: LOL…there aren’t enought knitting hours :shock: I’ve knit some clothing for my granddaughter, but no sweaters…no biggie, I’m in no hurry. I have 50 gazillion socks to finish, a gazillion shawls, some more scarves, hats…so on & so on :wink:

I’ve only done one sock–will probably start the other one tomorrow.

Knitaholic :smiley:

Great job!