First Knit Picks Order

I received my first knit picks order in the mail today. :woohoo: I have been wanting a set of the interchangable needles for a while now. After reading thread after thread on here about Denise vs Knit Picks… I still could not decide!! :eyes: So… I decided to order the individual needle tips and cables from Knit Picks so I could try them out and see if I wanted to buy the whole set in the future. I bought the nickle plated tips (size 9) and the harmony wood tips (size 9 also) and the 24 inch cables. I wanted to try both so I would know what I liked best when it comes to ordering a whole set. Well… I better start searching for a new project!! I can’t wait to try them out!!:woot:

I have the nickel plated set and a bunch of harmony tips and I love them both. :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun! I have both tips and love them both!

I’ve got full Denise and nickel Options sets, and love them both. May have to buy some of the Harmony needles sometime just because they are so beautiful.