First in the round project?

Hello once again fellow Knitters.

What would you suggest would be a good first time project for knitting in the round. I’m feeling kind of courageous and I want to have a couple of WIP’s, as the knitting world calls it.:teehee:

I feel like I have a handle on things with the shawl I’m making so I would like to start my next FIRST project which would be in the round.

Thanks in advance

You might want to just take some leftover yarn and practice with it first. Or make a hat. It’s small and doesn’t take too long to make one, even the first time.

Yeah, I suggest a hat. Do you have a 16 in circ? If so what size is it? Or will you want to use DPNs? Based on that I can give you a few patterns.

I have 2 circs. One is us 8-29" and us 10-32"

I have a set of dpn’s size us 2.5

I am more than willing to purchase what i need.

I think 2.5 mm is like a US size 1 which is more for working with fingering weight.

There are several ways to make hats in the round; DPNs, Magic Loop, 2 circular needles and 1 16" circ+ DPNs or another circ for the top. What I have been doing is using a 16" and then using another matching circ for the top decreases. The sizes you need will depend on the yarn you choose. So that being said here’s some hat patterns. See what you think then come back with questions. :wink:

Chunky/Bulky/super bulky yarn

Worsted weight

Basic Hat Formula

You can use either the size 8 or the 10 for a hat and use it with magic loop. Look at the video for that on the Advanced techniques page.

How about a purse? That was the first thing I made on a circular. Since you have longer circular needles, you could use wool, make it bigger than you want the purse to be, and then felt it. For a simple purse, just start knitting in the round, then once it’s the size you want, bind off and stitch the bottom together, then felt. For handles you can either knit some or use store bought handles.

Millie, You might want to practice with some garbage yarn as SuzeeQ advised and then why not do leg warmers? They are back in and hot again. No decreasing, increasing, just knit around 'til your sick of it or reach the length you want, whichever comes first. Maybe use a smalller needle on the ankle end and bigger on the top like 6’s and 8’s. You can do all rib knit, bind off and voilà you have a fashion statement you can wear and show off! Probably you’ll need dpn’s unless you’re making a bigger size calf. Then a circular needle will suffice. You might be frustrated with in the round knitting. When I began with circulars it felt like live mice in my hands. Now I prefer circulars even when I don’t need them. With practice everything gets easier. DPN’s are getting to be a first choice too.

Here is the link for the first hat I knit in the round (scroll to middle of the page for tam).
I used size 10 16" rounds. I finished it in two short evening sittings and I love it, probably because it was a success unlike some of my other attempts.
Go to this link to see my finished product :slight_smile:
Good luck!!!