First hat

Can someone explain this to me in plain english?

Knit 2 rows for one ridge
Decrease ROW 1 (RS) (SKP, K6 K2tog) 4 times, k1-33 (8 sts decreased)
Decrease ROW 2 (SKP, k2, k2tog) 4 times, K1-25 sts.
Decrease ROW 3 (SKP, K2tog) 4 times, k1-9 sts.


OK so you’ve knit for a certain length already right? Now its time to shape the top. SO what they’re asking you to do is a set of decreases to give the top of the hat that curved look. so RS means right side so the right side is facing you and then you SKP or slip knit pass. So you slip the first stich, knit the next stich and pass the slipped stich over the the knit stich (I’m sure Amy has a video of it somewhere.) then K6 is knit 6 and Ktog is knit 2 together. Now you do this part 6 times then knit 33 stiches. WS means wrong side so knit all the wrong side rows. and keep going like that.