First hat

I finished my first hat today- it is a Christmas present for my dad. It is bernat denimstyle, and the pattern was on the label.

Oh I love that!!! :heart:

This might work for SU too. I’m going to see if the Bernat website has the pattern on there…

That looks great! Beautiful job on the decreases.

It looks perfect!

Very nice! I love the look of Denimstyle, and that looks like it would be a good gift for my step-FIL. Hopefully that pattern will be on the label of the color I want! LOL Guess I can find the pattern on their site too though.

Very cute! It DOES look perfect.

That came out great! I’m decreasing mine now so should be done soon!

YAY! I love the hat, that is too cool! Bravo! opera claps

Wow! My first hat looked like crap. :rollseyes: Your is perfect. Good for you! :cheering:

Yay! I agree with everyone–looks very neat and professional.

I LOVE denimstyle, too…VERY soft! Looks really great! Daddy will be SO proud of his little girl!

Wow, that’s perfect! My first hat was all lumpy, with uneven decreses…sheesh. Any dad would be proud to wear that on his noggin!

:blush: thanks, guys!! It was easier than I could have hoped for. I went out to Michael’s tonight, with the hopes of getting more denimstyle, so that I can make another hat for my brother. Of course, Michael’s didn’t have it. Oh well. There’s time to find more!!

I really like that I have that hat pattern saved LOL… I loved working with it when I made my son’s scarf sooo soft!! Great job :thumbsup:

Wow, Margie!

:cheering: :cheering:

It’s so even and smooth! :inlove:

Oh i love it!!! Great job!

Most Excellent hat, job WELL DONE!!! Margie, it’s just perfect, WTG :cheering: :cheering:

that looks so great…perfect! i’m going to search for the pattern now. great job!!