First hat!

Here is my first hat. It is the size for a small child.
I used size 6 u.s. Square shaped knitters pride needles
And charisma yarn. I am going to keep a log of needles, yarn, cast on number, and end result size until I get the
Perfect adult size.

I think Jan will be happy I am done. She has been so much help. Thanks again Jan!


Well done you! Nice and colourful!

Thank you Evie! Amazing how the variegated yarn works out.
Do you watch Coronation Street?
Ever been to the set?

No, not my thing to be honest, and I’m at the other end of the country so haven’t made it to the set :slight_smile:

I am a Corrie fanatic! Very big in Canada.

Here too, however I’ve never been a fan of soaps. Much rather watch forensic programmes!

Beautiful work!! I love the color!

Start keeping track on your Ravelry page. Make this a project and include needle size, yarn, how many you cast on, etc. That’s how I ended up making mine work for me over the years. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan. Not sure how to use the Ravelry page for that.

On your Ravelry project page click “add project” and then fill in the blanks. I can help if you have questions.

Your hat turned out beautifully. Those colors are so cheering, perfect for the cold days ahead.

Somehow It shows 2 projects. Same hat. Could not find the delete link. I am so techy…not!

Thanks mod squad!

Click the drop down arrow below the project. It gives you the option to delete. :+1:

Thank you oh wise one.


Very, very good.

I love the hat :slight_smile: You picked great colors! Perfect for a hat, so cheerful. One of these days I’m going to learn circular knitting. Now I’m watching youtube videos on how to knit different interesting looking stitches just using my straight needles and Continental Method I grew up learning.

Beautiful. What kind of yarn did you use. It looks cosy.


It is called Charisma. The colour is bright pop.