First Hat Attempt--Help Please

I have a pattern for a hat using Plymouth Yukon yarn that I wanted to knit prior to attempting the “Kelly Hat” :lol: In the photo, the hat appears to be rib stitch, but the pattern reads to cast on 42 stitches, place marker and knit in the round until 6 1/2 yards are left. So, my question is THIS…do I just knit in the round or do I knit a round and purl a round until 6 1/2 yards are left?

I’ll go ahead and ask my next question because although I haven’t arrived there yet, I know they are coming :roflhard: The pattern tells me to then begin decreasing on round 1-6 (I’m assuming from where I ended?) and change to double pointed needles as needed…how do I know when they are needed? :?


If the pattern says to just knit all rounds, then hat is in stockinette stitch. If you knit one round and purl one round, then you’ll end up with garter stitch. So if the picture really looks like ribbed, then I’d venture to guess that the picture and the pattern are not meant for each other.

You’ll want to switch to double point when the stitches are over stretched on the circs. Trust me, you’ll know when the time comes because it will become increasingly difficult to knit w/ the circs. :shock:


My lys owner gave the pattern to me and both pages have the same pattern number on it although it sure looks ribbed to me :shock: Maybe I can tell more once I start on it. If you were to do a rib on circulars though…how would you do the rib? Many thanks for your expertise :slight_smile:

Expertise?? :?? HAHA … Aw shucks … :oops: :blush:

Anyhoo … to do a rib, you would alternate knits and purls within the same row as with K2, P2 … knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as you come to them. For example, if you were knitting 12 sts in the round, just do a continual K2 P2 around the whole circle. I think that would give you a rib. :wink:

I think I understand…I’ll stick to the pattern directions for this particular hat…since it is my first one and see how it ends up…hopefully, it will look like a hat :rofl: I’m not quite brave enough to venture beyond directions just yet :wink:

I know what ya mean :wink: Let us know how it turns out …

Ya know I made a hat in plymouth Yukon. Its a verigated color. I used the hat in Hip to Knit. One for me and one for my kid. When we wear them together everyone stops us on the street to compliment us. It is not knit in the rond. It is back and forth on straight and it has 4 cables. IT’s very easy and the bulky size knits it up fast. I’ll see if I can dig up a picture

feministmama, I’d love to see it! :smiley:

Yukon is a beautiful bulky yarn or at least, I thought it would turn out a pretty hat. I like the idea of cables with it, but haven’t ventured to cables just yet…maybe after the “Kelly Hat” :lol: I’d love to see the picture!


Joyce, can you link to a pic of the hat pattern you are making?

I wasn’t going to stick my nose in, but I wonder if Yukon is one of those yarns that twist half of every stitch, which makes it look ridged. Microspun does this, see the duck booties in the finished object thread. My expensive merino sock yarn did this, too. I looked at the Plymouth sample pattern #S351 on their website, and I can see the ridges in that sweater. You will probably get those ridges just by following the pattern, Joyce.

Just my two cents…

Here is a photo of the hat…I worked on it while we were riding to a shopping mall that is about 1 1/2 hours away today with the exception of the last round, which required the dpn’s so I stopped until I could get instructions from the BEST ADVISORS—YOU ALL :wink:


:cheering: :cheering:
Lookin’ good Ms. Thang, lookin’ good!!!

PREEEEEEETY yarn, Joyce!

And, Sara is right…those ridges ARE caused by that kind of yarn.

:notworthy: I thought it was neat with the way it curled up along the rim without me having to do any fancy stitches…now, I’ve got to see if I can get the top closed without a big, gaping hole :roflhard:

Once you decrease to the last few stitches, it pulls together like magic. No problem! No worries!