First Hat and on Circular Needles!

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I saw this knock-off pattern for that CC Beanie and thought I would be able to do it with my limited skill-set. It is a little rough I know and I did struggle with that provisional cast-on. Never did get that original yarn out of the project! Yikes! So this beanie is supposed to look like the white one below! I am hoping that if I continue making this style it will get better and better with each one and the provisional cast on will get easier. I am wanting to gift these to my girls. My concern is 1) I am fearful it will be too small when I am done. Hopefully once it’s off the needle it will loosen up and be OK. BUT if not, can I just add extra cast-on stitches to make it bigger next time? And 2) My biggest question – is it possible to do something a little more attractive with different color yarns with this! I think I could maybe just add a different color and do that color in select rows but will that look dorky? Essentially, the hat would have a ‘striped’ look from the different color rows… not good??
Please tell me what you think! And thank you.


That’s a lot of firsts successfully accomplished! It’s going to be a beautiful hat.
If you want to see variations on the hat, look in the projects page for the pattern:


OK I looked over the link but am not seeing anything addressing doing this with two colors of yarn. Am I missing something?

Also - I mean’t to thank you for your help first!! Salmonmac!

You’re welcome.
Most of the hats are a single color but here’s the kind of hats that show up in multi-color:

thanks so much for the ideas!

I’ve got another question. A number of these hats are using the “Wurm” headband and then following the rest of the pattern for the beanie. It seems much easier to me but I see it is just a 12 row headband of Knit only. can I count on this type of headband to be as flexible and stretchy as the original pattern headband with the twisted rib? Or don’t I need to worry about that? Thank you again! I am concerned it will fit?

It seems to me that you should be ok. The extra stretch of the k1p1 bands in the original is going to be limited by the knit bands. Garter stitch has nice stretch to it.

Oh Thanks!