First handspun!

Here’s my first hand spun yarn on a niddy noddy

I decided not to ply this, just because 1, there’s only 42 yards & 2 b/c it’s such a range of thicknessess, here it is skeined up!

I think I might just make a little card carrier out of it :think:
any ideas anyone for 42 yards of handspun yarn. widths vary from fingering to worsted-novelty yarn, I guess.

I love your yarn. it is so pretty. Don’t use it, display it so everybody that goes to your house can see what a great job you did.

:yay: Great job! my second ever successfully plied yarn that looks decent is only 37 yards, so I have no advice. Maybe a cell phone or I pod holder? a small bag for your little wheel or spindle notions?

I 2nd the idea of a small bag for your wheel! You’ll need something to carry your oil, small pair of scissors and other ‘stuff’.

Congrats! You did a great job!

congrats! it’s very pretty… i love the colors!

Looks wonderful Julie!!!:woot: Love the NN too!! Can you tell me how long you made the center piece of PVC??? I need to make myself one too!!

spinnning notions? What would those be? so far I’ve only used ‘leader yarn’ & my niddy noddy is too big & glued together so it’s not easily fit anywhere.

Tami my niddy noddy is 1/2" the middle is 6" & the ‘arms’ are 4" on each side of the ‘T’ I think it cost a few bucks to make & works well-just remember to wind close to the outside edges, don’t wind as close to the middle as I did b/c it was hard to get off.

I wish I had a wheel, maybe one for Christmas, the Fidelas from Ford4him on Etsy looks good, any suggestions from y’all? I can’t spend much $ that’s why I did this on my .6oz hand spindle.

Check out the Babe wheel …

Nels has been making reliable wheels for a long time.

and to add some more choices to the mix… :teehee:

these fricke wheels and ashford kiwis are a little more expensive but still on the more affordable end of the price list.

I can’t say which is best…but i’ve heard good things about these,the babe and the fidelas!

if you know what you are looking for and have a little patience you can get a good deal on ebay.

thats where i got my old girl :slight_smile: