First garment - a shrug!

Just finished the shrug I’ve been working on for my step-daughter. Pattern was on the label of the new Caron Simply Soft Shadows yarn – did this in the Opal Twist color.

I was worried as it looked like a sausage with a rib-lined split in the middle when I was done with it!

Modeled by an accomodating co-worker who is about my step-daughter’s size.

That is SO cute! Well done!

It looks perfect!

Looks great! I actually have that exact yarn and pattern waiting to be knit up after Christmas, so I’m glad to see what the Opal colorway looks like knit up!

The picture is the size small and it is small in shoulder breadth – the sleeves I think were fine for other sizes, they were almost too long on Jen there.

I did, btw, use 4.5 skeins of the yarn, despite the claim of it taking 3 for the small. Some I’ll chalk up to a tighter gauge at first, but I think it’s just wrong to say it took 3 for the smaller one, and 4 for the larger, when the primary difference is 2 inches across the back.

It looks great!!! :cheering: :cheering: I’ve started one of those for my niece. Great Job!!! :thumbsup:

Nadja xxx

Ugh, I know exactly what you mean by using more than 4 skeins on this - I have finished the first arm and the whole back and am almost done with the third skein! Of course I didn’t buy enough yarn, and now I can’t find the green moss at the stores (maybe they will restock after Christmas) and it won’t be the same dye lot.
Did you make the neck ribbing just 3" like the pattern says? It sure looks wider in the Caron pattern picture, doesn’t it?
Great job on the shrug.