First FOs in 15+ years!

Thank you all for such wonderful tips and encouragement, as well as such great photos of your FOs and WIPs. After knitting once some 15-20 years ago, I started again earlier this year. I’ve been reading posts, though not posting much, and have learned a great deal.

Below is my first FO of my “revived” knitting career - a scarf that I’ve given the DH. The other is my first. sock. ever. It’s not very well done, but it IS finished and I can wear it. Inside the house. If no one else is coming over. :teehee: Off to try to make another to mostly match it.

Welcome and those look great!

:heart: the pattern and color of the scarf and that sock looks pretty nice also!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


They look great, and you’ll be surprised by how much easier the second sock is than the first.

Good job~~~~~~~~

I [U][B]really[/B][/U] like the pattern in the scarf. Can you post the stitch pattern or a link for the instructions?

Aren’t socks fun to knit? Be careful or you’ll get hooked.

Hey, looking good. Nice scarf and your sock looks great too. I’ll bet the next one will look like a mate to it. Glad you are getting some FOs now.

Really beautiful

Welcome back to knitting! The scarf and your sock look great! Love the scarf pattern too … can you give us a link?

Nice work! I love the scarf – please post a link to the pattern. Lovely colors on both.

Welcome Back to the club!!!:grphug:

I agree with everyone in that your FO’s look GREAT!!!:yay:

And that I want the stitch pattern or link to that scarf!!

Welcome Back to the Wonderful World of Knitting!

The scarf pattern is lovely!!! The sock looks good to me! Good job!!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Yay, knitting and other fibery creations!

I kind of made up the pattern, but am glad to share what I did. I wanted something reversible and not too complicated, so I went to and looked for reversible patterns. This is a chevron pattern (15 or 16 rows, I believe), with four rows of garter stitch at the beginning and end, and four garter stitches at the beginning and end of each row.

If I’m allowed to post the whole pattern, I’ll be glad to do that. I’m still a little fuzzy on what’s legal to share and what’s not. Since I kind of made it up, maybe it’s okay?

for the most part…I think thats good enough but the whole pattern would be good too. :cheering:
Have to ask Amy or a Mod…


The pattern was actually the elongated chevron (how quickly I forgot!):

If I had to do it over again, I might add another few rows of garter or seed stitch at the beginning/end.

Hmmm…this is less of my own design than I remembered. :aww: Maybe I need more ginseng in my diet… I think it’s just because I stared at the pattern for so long that it became part of my brain.

If anyone decides to make this, too, I’ll look forward to seeing [U]your[/U] FOs here!

Nice work!! Very even knitting - so professional looking! Thanks for the link - I have some yarn that would be perfect for this stitch…and a scarf for my DH :slight_smile:

Well, I think the sock is great. Don’t get the SSS (single sock syndrome), make the other one and wear them proudly! The scarf is lovely as well.