First FO

Here’s my first Knit FO! I’m almost done with my second one, too.

:thumbsup: That’s Beautiful! I love the colours! Great job.

:woot: Great job!!

Beautiful! Very nice knitting.

Oh I like that! :yay:

Love the color, matches my eyes. Good work!

Nice work :slight_smile:

Beautiful I love the color.

Good work!

:slight_smile: Very Pretty! Do you have a pattern link? What yarn did you use? I am looking for something just like this to knit a hat for my sister!


That’s your first FO? WOW! Very nice! :yay:

Love it!! Great color, pattern AND knitting!!! :woohoo:

Very pretty yarn! Congrats on your first FO! :cheering:

Love the pattern and the yarn. Great job!!

I too would love to know the pattern and yarn!:wink:

I didn’t have a pattern, actually. The yarn is Freedom Spirit from Twilleys of Stamford, colorway is Nature.

I CO 81 on a 16" size 8, knit for about an inch and a half (13 rounds to be exact, but I wasn’t counting at the time) then (5 rounds of seed stitch, 5 rounds of stockinette) 9 times, then about 5 more rows of stockinette. The top is gathered.