First FO

That isn’t a scarf, washcloth or square/rectangle of some sort. And it’s not quite finished (still needs a face). It’s a bear for the Mother Bear project. At least it’s supposed to be. For some reason, mine looks more like a cat (I think I made the ears too pointy). I’m not sending this one in, as it’s not quite good enough, but it was great to get a feel for it. The next one will be a sender, I think.

It’s cute! :heart: I haven’t quite managed yet to knit any animals. Nice work! Kudos to you!

Great job :thumbsup:

That looks wonderful! Will you send us another portrait when it’s got a face?

Great job!

Thanks, all. :slight_smile:

AnreeAce, I will definitely post a pic when it has a face. I’m just not real sure how to go about putting the face on it. I knitted a seperate swatch in garter stitch to work with so I can see how it comes out before I do it on the bear, but nothing good so far. Any tips would be great if anyone has any.

knit-a-holic, how are your cabled gauntlets coming? I want to make that. I even have the show on my Tivo still. That Cathy chick’s voice puts me to sleep though. Every time I try to watch it, I start nodding off. :roflhard:

It’s really cute!!

I would leave it a kitty. Who says it has to be a bear? :wink:

Really nice work. :thumbsup:

So cute!

I think it’s adorable!

I think it looks good enuf to send. You can totally put whiskers on it and make it a cat. On your next one maybe try sewing on the face before you stuff it?

I love it! Kitty, bear, whatever, it’s adorable! :inlove: :inlove: And yes, I think putting the face on the before the stuffing would be much easier.

Thanks for all the nice comments. Warm fuzzies here. :heart:

It’s really not sendable though. You can’t see it in the picture, but I got so excited I just stitched the top part willy-nilly. Then I actually decided to break out one of my books and figured out that mattress stitch was a lot better, so I stitched the bottom together that way and what do you know? It WAS a lot better. There are a couple of holes in the seams that are a bit larger than they should be. Not huge, but not something I’d want to give to a child in case the stuffing starts coming out.

And the Mother Bear site said that it was easier to put a face on after it was stuffed, so I went with that.

I actually wasn’t going to finish it because when I got to the part where you have to pick up stitches for the arm, I wasn’t really sure what to do. I signed up for a Sit & Knit class at Michael’s so I could get help with it, but the instructor never showed up. I decided just to go for it and see how I could do on my own. I’m really glad I did, because finishing this project has given me the confidence to dive in and try things that might be a little more complicated. :thumbsup:

Awww :inlove:

Oh, if you can knit that, you can knit anything! :thumbsup:

It’s so cute!!!
I am currently working on the same pattern, for my gd’s birthday!!! My 1st animal, too…isn’t it fun?!

:roflhard: I agree with you about putting you to sleep part. :zzz: It’s pretty fun to knit the cabled gauntlets. I’ve only gotten to the first part of the cabling. I had to frog it a few times cause I didn’t like how the cabling came out. :frowning: I’m finishing up the baby afghan…FINALLY…so I’m not concntrating on that yet. I also have another baby blanket I want to make for my cousin’s 2nd baby that’s due in about 4 months. I hope to get it done by that time. I’ll be sure to post some pics of my projects today.

rebecca, it actually WAS fun. I kinda got so wrapped up in it that I let the housework go for a couple days. :oops: My hubby was less than pleased about that.

A friend of mine just had a baby and I’d like to make a baby blanket. Anyone have a good pattern?

You should try the blanket I’m working on now. Just click on the link for the Wavy Boxes Baby Afghan for the pattern…I used Baby Coordinates fingering weight yarn…it knits up nicely. :smiley:

Oooh, I’m sooooo going to do that one. It’s pretty and looks fairly simple. It says size 11 circulars, but I only have straight size 11’s. They’re pretty long though, so could I do it on that?

I like the colours!!! :thumbsup:
Very cute! :heart: