First FO!

I was insanely excited to finish the fringe on my first scarf the other night. It took me about two and a half weeks to knit, wash, dry, and fringe, but it was so worth it. I love how long it is but am slightly disappointed in the olive-like colour the green turns in sunlight or the camera flash (it seemed a much deeper green in the store). I think next time I’ll choose a green with a little bit of blue in it. On to pictures!

Knit in the round using a size 7US 16" needle. Paton’s Decor Rich Sage Green and Lamb’s Pride Heather Grey. I found the grey a little thicker, but other than the fiber difference it turned out fine.

A little more detail. The fringe doesn’t actually get smaller, that’s a just a lump in the bed. o.o

My second project (WiP) in contrast to the first. No dropped stitches so far!

Wow they are beautiful. Congrats to you! I haven’t attempted fringe yet :slight_smile:

~danielle~ :cheering:

Hey …are those Griffindor and Slytherin scarves? I love them! I want to knit one in the round, but it takes so much more yarn that way.

Wow! Those are excellent! Your stitches look terrific!

Fantastic!! :cheering: :cheering:

Great job on the fringe, too! I still can’t do that.

That’s a whole lotta knittin! And they look like they’d be delicious to wear!
Nice work!

Wow, so nice, and those stitches are perfect!

Beautiful job!

Way to go! Those are beautiful! :thumbsup:

beautiful job and so much patience.
I wanted to do a striped scarf once and decided the best way would be to make it a tube. Then promptly decided that was too much knitting for a scarf.

Those look just great! Such even stitches!

:cheering: Way to go!

Nice work! Thanks for posting the eye-candy!

:cheering: Most excellent knitting skills :thumbsup: Gorgeous scarf with perfect sts…you should be very proud :thumbsup:

Oh… my… gosh… I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove that :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :heart: :heart: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove::heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove::heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove::heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove:

Those are HP scarfs! I love HP! I have got to make one *runs off to find pattern

I used the atypically.knit pattern, which is generally considered the closest to PoA canon as possible. I’d recommend making the MC colour blocks longer than the 27 rounds Lauren has, though, just because it looks slightly better (I didn’t on the Slytherin but did on the Gryffindor). She also has a pattern for the PS/CoS scarves and other premium HP patterns.

OOOooooo :drooling:

Does putting the fringe through the two sides of the scarf help to flatten out the curl? When working in the round, it always curls so bad, so I wondered how to flatten that out, but I didn’t think about the fringe helping to do that.

Great job!! I’ve knit one scarf in the round like that. It’s a lotta stockingette. Kudos for sticking with it! :thumbsup:

Jackie M.: Yes, putting the fringe through both sides straightened it out very well. I also pinned it flat while it was drying - the MC was only 25% wool, but it straightened out remarkably nonetheless.

The scarves look scrumptiously wonderful!!! You did a great job…and yes, it seemed like it was worth it for the two weeks work!