First FO In A While

This evening I spent a little time designing and knitting up a pipe holster. I bought a leather one recently but the pipes keep falling out of it, resulting in scratches to the pipes. So, I just made my own.

It’s purely an improv job, and I did the whole thing in a couple of hours while sitting in the truck stop.

It may not be nice looking, but it does the job :rofl:


It looks great Mason! Don’t you love being able to come up with something you really need?

Hey Mason, it’s great!! I looks great, and it’s also functional! :thumbsup:

Nice to hear from you in Whatcha Knitting! Your projects are always ‘one of a kind’!

Who woulda thunk: a pipe holster! I didn’t know they existed before today!

What a great idea! Looks good, too. Nice to hear from you again, Mason.