First FO ever! Yay for me!

This is my first finished object ever - a dishcloth with a lighthouse on it.

Main lesson learned : no matter how cute the variegated yarn is, it just won’t show this sort of design well. Oh well!

This looked horrible when it was done, but I’m blocking it which has improved it a lot.

I’m happy it’s finished, and I learned a TON. Now on to a bunch of stuff for my toddler!!

:cheering: :cheering: Good for you!!! It blocked out nicely, too.

:cheering: Way to go!
I haven’t taken a stab at a cloth with a design…altho i have bookmarked a bunch of patterns… i believe one is a lighthouse since my DMIL digs lighthouses…
thanks for the variegated yarn tip…very important to consider!
again, ewe rock! keep on goin’! :happydance:

Good job!! I had to learn about varigated yarn the hard way too-it’s so pretty I always want to use it, but it definitely doesn’t show off the stitch patterns well.

I’m making a sweater for my 2yo DD-you’re gonna :heart: knitting tiny toddler things!!

Happy knitting, congrats on your first project!

GREAT JOB! Your stitches look really great too!

You should have seen MY first piece… yikes. The first 1/4 of it was so awful looking. I found a pattern online to make a stuffed bunny out of it… my 2 yr old LOVES her bunny :lol:

Kristi your dishcloth is great. I love dishclothes. I will admit I usually use the varigated yarn when making them because I use them to wash dishes and then I don’t notice the stains as much.


Great job! You know, the variegated yarn might not have shown the stitch pattern well, but I really like how it patterned out - it seems very appropriate for a lighthouse - like with a beautiful sunrise sky behind it. Be proud of it!

I think it looks great! I love dishclothes, they are a great way to learn new things.

I think it looks great. I can totally tell its a lighthouse. Great first project :thumbsup:

Great job! That’s very impressive for a first project.

:cheering: Congrats on your first FO!! Great Job!! :thumbsup:

Congrats! It’s great to finish a project isn’t it!

That’s really cool! I never thought about incorporating a design into my dishcloths other than a basic diamond pattern, etc!

I’m gonna write that down in my “things to attempt next” notebook!



You did a fantastic job!! I, too, love dishcloths … they’re kinda like eating potato chips. You can’t make just one. They’re so fun because they’re so quick, and you can try out new techniques and have something you can actually use when you’re all done!! Hooray for you!!

(BTW … I’m a sucker for variegated yarn, too! Oh, and have you checked out this site for more free dishcloth patterns?)

WOW, great first FO!! You’re a natural! :cheering:

Looks great. I tried one of those picture dishcloths but I messed up BAD :shock: That little pink pig was just a mess. Oh well maybe I’ll try again someday. I love that yarn too.