First FO : Diskcloth

Okay… was definately a learning process…

  1. Man… doing the k2tog were HARD (probably cause of my tension)
  2. Man my finger hurts from the top of the needle…
  3. I did some funky things, that I’m not even sure how I did them

But it was good for learning…a nd I will definately keeeeeep going…

It’s in my blog of course, and now here is the pic… you can see a couple of place I messed up even with this small of a pic


:cheering: Nice job! I think it looks perfect :happydance:

Why thanks… I guess being a perfectionist and a knitter don’t work well together… :slight_smile:

:balloons: [color=blue][size=7]:cheering: YAAAAAAYYYY! :cheering:[/size][/color] :balloons:

Way to go! :cheering:

I made that same dishcloth myself - I use it for a dusting cloth and I love it!


That looks great. :thumbsup:

It looks lovely and very even!! Once you wash it, you’ll find that those little mistakes will almost disappear. :slight_smile:

And, yes, the k2tog is tough at first. I’ve found that knitting more loosely does help, and if you’re really having trouble, slide the stitches closer to the tip of your needle where it tapers down, and you can get into those stitches a little easier <-- advice from one of Amy’s videos, btw.