First FO... Dishcloth wannabe? lol

So, I just finished this tonight, it’s my first project ever, so don’t laugh too hard! lol. It’s supposed to be Bernat’s Handicrafter Waffle Dishcloth… but I misread the instructions at the start I think and I was halfway through and didn’t want to take it all out to try and fix it… lol…
So, the strings are still attached, I haven’t quite gotten to getting rid of them yet… but yeah, here it is I guess…

It looks fine and will work great as a dishcloth!


Sometimes the mistakes turn our great. Nice color and will be great dishcloth!

i think it looks great! what are the dimensions?

Thanks guys! You’re all too kind!

As for the dimensions… one side is a little smaller than the other, apparently my stitches got smaller as I went on, and I didn’t think to check… lol… so the “bottom” is about 11", the top is about 9" and the sides are about 6.5"

But you’re all right, I’m sure it will work fine as a dishcloth, at least this can be about function and not looks, lol!

It’s very nice!! One of my first items was a dishcloth too (not as pretty as yours, either!) and it took me WEEKS to finish…or maybe it just seemed that way :teehee:

Anyhoo, yours looks wonderful-I love the colors!

Great first project! One that can be used :slight_smile: The dishes won’t care if the gauge changed a little :teehee:

Mama Bear

I think it makes a great dishcloth!

:cheering: [size=6][color=red]Great job…now you’re on your way, and there’s no stopping you ![/color][/size]

[color=green]When I knitted a dishcloth in July of last year, I didn’t even know how to count how many rows I had done…now I’m knitting socks ! It’s all a learning process ![/color]

Thanks everyone! Now I just have to jump in a little more and see what else I can do. For now, I’m gonna do another dishcloth (different pattern, gonna try purling)… And after that, or maybe sooner, I’ll give a scarf a try! Then hopefully a sweater… And somewhere in there, I’ll find time to do my school work :wink: