First FO--A Humble Dishcloth

OK, it’s just a simple knit-and-purl design, but I did it! There may be hope for me yet. . .

It looks wonderful, Cindy!! You should be very proud of yourself!!! :cheering:

Thanks for the kind words. I thought it looked a little off of square, but maybe that comes with time and practice. I love to make these cloths, both knit and crochet, and they make great gifts for weddings etc. Heck, I might make some for our house!

I love knitted and crocheted cloths. My step mother told me when I did my first ever crocheted one that I would never go back to store bought ones and she was right. I think hand made ones are so much better!

Looks great. :slight_smile:

Yaay! Your washcloth looks luxurious. I hope you are feeling proud of it!

That’s how I started, too! It looks great!

Wonderful first FO! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

And, just so you know, it would be wonderful if it were your 150th FO, too! :wink:

Nothing Humble about that. It’s wonderful, and we know how important those knit/purls are in the proper sequence, and how it’s no easy task to make sure they are!

Well done! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering:
That looks great! Such a pretty color! You just keep right on knitting and purling, that’s how you get better at it.

I think it’s terrific! :cheering:

Great work!! I love to make dishcloths, instant gratification!! They are great to work on during the summer!

Thanks to all of you. I’m venturing now into cloths with SSK and K2tog and YO instructions. I like that Leisure Arts book and might just make every cloth in there before it’s over with!! :XX:

:smiley: Great job…you should be proud :wink:

I’m getting back into dishcloths, too–they’re functional but can be cute, too, in all kinds of colors!

You should be very proud of yourself! :happydance:

:thumbsup: Nice job- awesome color! Got me thinking about trying one - everyone saying they’re so much nicer and all… :thinking:

Way to go Cindy!

So smart to make something that you can use right away as your first FO - reminds you why we do this stuff !

Looks great!

You ladies are too kind! I figure these are good for getting the basic techniques down and trying to get the tension right, which I’m still struggling with. I guess that will come with time. Also, since these are short projects, I won’t get discouraged. If I take on a striped sweater this early on, I’ll end up giving up on knitting, and we can’t have that!