First Finished Scarf, Blanket,etc

Hello I am new to knitting and just finished these items…The scarf I am very proud of, the beginning cast on is loose, it’s made from Joann Fabrics Sensations Angel Hair in Red Multi and I am so mad I didn’t buy more of this when it was on sale for $3, it’s a dream to work with and it’s beautiful. I used two skeins, size 11 needles. It’s 7.5 inches wide and 50 inches long. Anyone know any kind of yarn similar to this at $3 a skein? I want to make a huge blanket out of it.

The next one is my first blanket I made for my great aunt. I didn’t like the circular needles so I used size 19 straight needles, cast on 60 which the blanket is about 30 inches wide and 42 inches long, I don’t like this yarn at all after using it, I thought I did until I took the blanket off the needles, it seems flimsy even with double stranding it. It’s Joann’s Sensations Rainbow Classics Green Multi 100% acrylic.

The last is my actual first project that had major problems, lol. I started out trying to make a blanket using size 9 circular needles, I didn’t read anything about them and spent 12 hours on this, I joined the round I guess and it became a circle, I cut it and seamed up the ends to make it a scarf but it was so flimsy and thin and was rolled up and I ironed it and it made it more thin,so we just let my cat play with it.

Those are great. I bet kitty loves that too!!

:yay: Everything looks great!!

:inlove: the kitty is so pretty!!

Good work and you little kitty looks pleased with her new toy x

You first projects look fantastic - great job!

And your kitty seriously struck a pose for that photo - gorgeous cat!!!


Congratulations on your first finished projects! I just love the scarf…so colorful!

Great first projects!

Beautiful stuff! Your cat is so pretty too. Just gorgeous.

Nice job on your projects!