First Finished Booga Bag

Here it is…

I’m proud :wink:


You should be proud! Great work, beautiful choice of colors, and it felted beautifully! :cheering: :cheering:

I second Ingrid! You should be proud!!! That is great! Love the color!

Thank you…very much.

I truly appreciate the positive feedback.


Laura, that is beautiful!! What yarn did you use?? :thumbsup:

Thats cute! I like the colors and the color layout/pattern…you know!

You should be SO proud! LOVE those colors!!!

VERY nice!!!

I love the colors, too. :smiley: It’s very Spring-y, which is soooo nice to look at right now!

Proud should be you :thumbsup:

It looks gorgeous, makes me want to make one… so many projects, so little time…

Thanks everyone :heart:

Margie ~ I used Katmandu yarn. I got it at my LYS. It’s a blend of wool, cashmere and a little silk I think. I don’t know who the maker is etc…I threw away the label thingy :frowning: It’s ok to work with but has some little seed, flaxy things that were sort of annoying.


that is so pretty!!

WOW! I love the colors! :cheering:

oooooh, that is SO pretty!! I love the colors. I have some of that Katmandu yarn but haven’t used it yet- differnt color though.

I think that is what makes the bag so great is the part that you found a little annoying. It is beautiful. Very nice work.


Wow, it’s beautiful! :inlove:

:cheering: :cheering: Fabulous :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Love the colours :cheering:

very very nice. So soft and pretty colors.

Very cute! I love the colors.