First felted project

I have been struggling with depression and recently started knitting. I just completed my first felted hat, and when I took it out of the washer and shaped it I felt like magic had happened! Both to the hat and to myself! I don’t know how such a simple thing could make me feel so much better but it has. Special thank you to Antares who answered my question in what seemed like mere seconds and helped me on my way, and to this wonderful site, which has been a tremendous resource!

That’s wonderful to hear! I’m glad you’re feeling better!

Knitting can be very relaxing and when you learn something new it can be very exciting! :hug:

Congrats on finishing a first felt!! :cheering: Would love to see pictures of it!

Congratulations on your first felting project. I’m glad it helped you feel better. One great thing about knitting is that it’s possible to finish small project and actually see what’s been done. So much of life is taking care of what has to be done and feeling there is so little or even nothing to show for it. A finished project is great medicine.

Well see there, now there’s something else to learn too! And I think I can do it, getting a picture from my phone to my computer…I’m feeling quite positive now. Thanks for the added encouragement!

It does feel wonderful to see that first project turn out well. Congrats on the felted hat and many more projects in the future. I’m glad you started knitting and found this site.

Jac53, indeed the photography is a whole other world- lots of room for accomplishment and success though! Let me know if you need help, I’d be glad to lend a hand to questions about which cable goes there and where and JaninCA has a great link in her signature as to how to post photos (another learning curve! :wink: ) You’ll do fine, I’m sure, look forward to seeing pics!

:cheering: I’m with you. I think felting IS magic!

Oh, dear… now I wish I had tried it.
Just waiting to clean out my acrylic stash so I can actually begin to buy real wool… I hope!
Congratulations on your felting…!
And I totally agree… doing something magical is a great morale booster. It’s what I love about knitting.

Congratulations on your felted FO!

It’s such an amazing feeling when your labor of love turns into something wonderful! :hug: