First Felt Project.....Recommend a Yarn

I’ve never felted, and I think I’ll make my first purse felted :happydance:

I have a simple tote design in mind and I want to do a gradated design (knitting with 2 yarns at once).

All I know about felting is

  1. Use 100% wool
  2. Make it larger because it will shrink when washed
  3. Wash once in hot (?) water for the felting to happen

Will subsequent washes make it shrink even more??? I intend on lining it. So I wouldn’t want that to happen!

If any of you felters out there have better advice go ahead and shoot!

So…will just any 100% wool do? What about weight of yarn? Or are all wool the same weight?

Hi there!

I just did my first felted project. I used Cascade 220. They have a HUGE selection of colors. I’ve also heard that a lot of people use Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks. I think it’s really cheap, too.

I don’t think the yarn has to be 100% wool, but it has to be about 80% wool or more. (I think!) You definitely need to make it a lot bigger than you want it to be in the end. I couldn’t believe how much mine shrunk. It was actually a really fun process!! I made a little project bag for my knitting.

I’ll warn you, just as I was warned. When it’s wet, it will smell like “wet sheepies!” :ick:

So would you say you have to knit it 2x the size you want? Or is that too much?

Also…does that smell go away?!? Hopefully!

And do you just wash it once? Or does it take several?

If you’re looking for a specific size, I’d try and find a pattern for the first project. I was using the Booga Bag pattern, and I wanted it to be a bit bigger, so I just modified the number of stitches.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you’ll get an idea of the size that mine was pre-felting and post-felting.

Yes, the smell did go away once it dried. :teehee: I had put the bag into a zippered pillowcase in the washing machine, and every time I’d take that out to check it, the smell was overpowering! Someone suggested using a spoonful of scented fabric softener…I think they mentioned that Downy has one.

If you do a search on here, or on knitty, you’ll find some good tips on felting.

Good luck!!! :muah:

I was going to say that only 100% wool will felt but then I remembered that Patons SWS felts and that is made with soy. I think animal fibers will felt – alpaca, mohair(?) and of course, wool. Blends with acrylics won’t felt.

I have felted with Wool of the Andes, Cascade 220 and Galway. I liked the Galway the best so far. It only took one cycle of my front loader to get the fabric the way I liked it.

I’m not a felting expert but I’m learning.


Thanks. I already searched knitty and found a great article.

I wonder if the Chunky Lion Brand would be a good choice?

WOW! That’s nice! And it REALLY shrunk! About by half, I’d say!

I use Patons Classic Merino Wool (worsted weight). It felts very nicely and is quite economical (comes in 223 yds./205m).


brown sheep is also very nice.

Another note… make sure when buying wool that it’s NOT machine washable or superwash. That doesn’t felt.

WOTA felts very well and is cheap. I used it for my first felted bag.
Cascade 220is nice, too with lots of great colors.

I second Brown Sheep, it felts nicely not sure how it compares price wise with the others though. I think it’s about $7.50 a skein.

jmp3775 found this site that’s having a sale for $3…

ecowool and araucania nature wool also felt really nicely. if you can find them on sale. littleknits just had the second, but now it’s gone… :pout:

I like Patons - the price is right. I have also had good luck with Plymouth galway in the marled colors.

Is “WOTA” “Wool Of The Andes”? :??

How is “chunky” yarn for this? I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about doing it with chunky.

So I want to make an extra large booga bag, so a couple of skeins should do it???

I plan on doubling that as I want to make it with 2 yarns at once, so I can do the gradated look that I mentioned. UNLESS anyone with experience in felting tells me otherwise. :wink:

You want your stitches to be very loose. My best and greatest suggestion? Make a swatch and felt it. Measure it before and after. See if you like the way the end product looks and feels.

I made my mom a pair of FT Clogs with Cascade 220 and they came out great, but because it was double stranded and I didn’t do a gauge swatch, my stitches were too tight and there was still stitch definition after felting. So if you’re making a booga bag with two strands of chunky yarn held together, I’d use AT LEAST size 15 needles for the way I knit. Your method may vary.

Thanks! :cheering: Yeah! I gotta buy needles again!!! :wink: [I don’t have size 15]

I knit continental and combination. How do YOU knit?