First fair isle project

I’m basing my project on the “infamous hobo bag” :

I’m using wool, so maybe I can semi-felt my bag. (Is that possible? To felt a bag, but not to the point where it shrinks completely?)

But I’m trying out patterns on it. :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t done patterns before – but I’m actually having fun!

Looks like a fun project and a great beginning. Remember to stretch out your sts when you change yarn color to make sure they aren’t puckered or pulled too tightly by the carried yarn.

That’ll be pretty!

To felt at all the yarn needs to be most un-washable wool or other animal fiber. So it is possible, but don’t leave it in long! :wink:

Looks great!:thumbsup:

I’ve totally failed to successfully knit a Fair Isle project. Carrying the yarn in the back (floats?) kicks my butt. I just can’t seem to get the gauge of the little thing! It’s either sloppy-too-loose, or it’s too tight and warps the knitting after a few rows. Oy.

Our 4-Day Madrona Winter Retreat here in the Pacific NW (like a Stitches 4-Day event) has a 6-hrs class called Stranding Techniques for Color Knitting on Sunday Feb 19. Registration opens on Nov 15, no designated time…but in the past, I’ve been totally unsuccessful in scoring a class that I need and want. It’s like one million ladies sit ON THEIR LAPTOP starting at midnight of the 15th…and keep refreshing their screen every minute or so…and as soon as that registration button appears…WHOOSH…all the classes are glommed. It is so discouraging.

But I will try to get into that class. I need it!

This looks great! Thanks for showing us your WIP. I’d love to see the finished object, too, and see how successful you are at felting it (I hope very successful).

that will be a beautiful bag!! <3 i hope it comes out exactly the way you want! i know if you knit with some elastic thread ( like from clover) it should hold its shape and stop it from felting to much but i don’t know. : |