First ever "project" - Icord


I’ve made the main part of my project - a case for my son’s Ipod and now I’m going to put a long cord on it so he can have it around his neck (he’s only 7 so needs it to be accessible / not lost!)

I am doing Icord for the first time ever and am just wondering something.

This is the first time I’ve ever knitted anything, so I am exceptionally amateur, but it seems to be going alright

My question is: the icord that’s knitted seems to be bending slightly (the part that’s in my hand as I work the needles) - is this alright and is it normal? If not, how can I stop it happening?

Thanks for any help!

Bending? Hmm… I don’t remember it bending, but I guess it could especially if you knit tight. If it’s looking like it’s knitted all the way around I wouldn’t worry about it.

It does look knitted all the way round, that’s for sure … I am knitting tightly (I somehow don’t seem to be able to knit loosely!) and I have exceptionally warm hands which might be influencing the yarn (100% cotton)

Cotton is awful to knit with, too. I’m sure it’s fine!

Hi Icord:

I haven’t done I cord in a while, but recall the first time I made some the first few inches were starting to twirl like a worm. The longer the cord became, the weight of the cord helped to straighten it all out. Of course, caressing with your hand down the length of what you have knit should also help to soften the twisting.
Since you posted earlier, you probably figured this out already.

:aww: Michele