First ever knitting project, finally finished!

So about six months ago I started my first knitting project ever, my blanket. I just finished it last week and I’m so excited, I’ve been sleeping with it ever since. Yeah, it has holes and it isn’t fit to give away to anyone but I love it :slight_smile:

It’s about eight feet long and four and a half feet wide.

just lovely! holes give it character. :teehee:

Congratulations! great feeling of accomplishment isn’t it??? I really like the colors.

WTG :cheering: That was a very enthusiastic first project! It looks beautiful. --Enjoy

now you can show your face in your profile
its a LOVELY blanket
and I cannot see any holes from here
if you were my age you could say they were heat vents


What a great accomplishment as a first project - it looks perfect!!! :cheering:

Excellent! :cheering:

That is an amazing first project! What persistence! And it looks great, too. Congratulations :cheering:

:woohoo: Way to go! That’s a great blanket–you did an excellent job! And regarding the holes, those AREN’T holes, those are

“design elements.” :teehee:

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors!

LOL “heating vents!”

Very pretty. I love the colors :cheering: :cheering:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

me too

Thanks guys :slight_smile: :hug:

if you were my age you could say they were heat vents