First ever FO! Garter Stitch Scarf!

I’ve finished my first ever knitted object!! A garter stitch scarf!!


Here it is:

Well done :cheering: One project finished, now the sky’s the limit, what are you going to make next?

I am currently working on a small pouch of sorts to hold a couple of things for when I go to the pool. I am done with the pouch part of the object, though the small wristlet type loop I am going to attach to it for carrying needs to be made.

I am debating whether or not to braid some yarn, or knit it a couple of rows.

Well done. Your stitches look really good, nice and even. Finishing that first scarf makes you feel good, doesn’t it?
For your pouch wrist thing, you might think about the technique used for these bracelets.

Nice work! It’s pretty!

Congratulations on a scarf which looks fantastic.

Terrific scarf! Very nicely done.
Congrats on a first project completed and so successfully.

Beautiful first project and you added fringe, a bonus!!!

It looks great and is a wonderful color! WTG!!!

Great job! Congratulations :cheering:

Nicely done! It looks wonderful! Love your fringe too!
TEMA :thumbsup:

Go you! The scarf looks awesome.

Well done!!!
Very pretty