First ever finished project!

I made these
I didn’t sew all the way up as I liked the look of the top folded down.
Modled by my doll

I have no idea what kind of yarn it is. It’s just some that was given to me and was nice and soft.

:cheering: Congrats! Those turned out great!

Too cute! I love the folded top, good idea!

Thank you! I can’t believe I actually made something LOL.

Aww, how sweet! Love the color. You did a great job.

I found a better way to seem them so here is a new pic. They are the same size just sitting at a wierd angle.

They are very very nice and a beautiful color!

Good job Rose! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Really cute!

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]Congrats on finishing your first project. You are well on your way to becoming addicted, right? LOL.[/FONT]

Yes it’s very addicting!