First dumb question

Okay, this is sure to be the first of many dumb questions, but how the heck do I go from casting off to actually knitting?

After I cast on, am I still supposed to have a little tail of yarn hanging down? Do I just put that needle in my left hand, pick up my empty needle and start to go? I’ve tried and it seems that the tail is a loose stitch that comes undone when I try to make a stitch off it.

Am I making any sense? Can anyone help me? Feeling very silly for not being able to figure this out… :oops:

ETA: Cast ON, not OFF…hee, hee, gotta learn the lingo!!

actually there should be quite a long tail that is attached to your skein of yarn. and yes, when you knit that first stitch it is going to be kind of loose but the process of knitting the second stitch will take care of it.

watch the videos over and over while you are knitting and you will get it.

when i stopped and looked at my work funny while i was learning my instructor asked me what was wrong. i said “it doesn’t look right.”

she said “It’s fine just keep knitting. You haven’t been knitting long enough to know what looks right and doesn’t look right.”

so there it is…Just Keep Knitting!