First DPN project suggstions?


I’m new to knitting and new to the forums. I can knit flat patterns. I haven’t tried anything too big yet though.

I’ve been trying to learn how to use DPN’s. I’m pretty clumsy at it still but I’m getting the hang of it, but I haven’t tried to actually make anything yet. LOL.

I was hoping someone might be able to give me some suggestions on something easy to try with DPNs.

Thank you!

Editing to add a pic of my small attempt at using DPN’s. I wasn’t actually “making” anything, but wanted to keep my first try and crocheted around it as a keepsake LOL


IMO the best way to learn to use DPN is at the top of a hat that is knit in the round in a circular needle. The first few joining stitches on DPN can be difficult so using them to decrease the top of a hat can be much easier and get you used to holding them. If you really want to start with them maybe try something small like a can cozy.

FYI I use them for small things like a finger puppet or can cozy, but for hats and large animals/dolls I use circular needles and magic loop.

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For me they’re at home with socks. They work as the markers. It’s the only thing I like using them for.

Not exactly a small project but worsted socks aren’t a huge project and by the time you get to the heel you’ll be used to them.
If not stop and call it a can cozie :grinning:


A hat is a great first DPN project. One thing that helps keep the stitches of equal tension is to shift the stitches among the DPNs. That is, for example, if you have 60 stitches divided among 3 Dpns, move 5 of the last stitches on a DPN to the next DPN as you work them so that the first and last stitches change. That way it’s not always the same stitch at the start of a DPN, which is where the tension tends to be too loose.

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My first use of DPNs was sweater sleeves on a top down raglan (so the sleeves were knit last). Now I use them for all my small round projects - mittens, socks, tops of hats, sweater sleeves, etc. I hate magic loop, so it’s all DPN for me when it comes to the small things.