First Day of School

and I’m childless! :waah: My daughter started 2nd grade today and my son, kindergarten! I was pretty bad this morning, I broke down as soon as my kids were out of my sight. Some of the teachers saw me crying and hugged me and I did get a call from the counselor letting me know my son is doing fine and had already made a new friend…This week isn’t so bad since my hubby took a week off work but I think next week is when it will really hit me, once I get home from taking the kids to school and I’m all alone :frowning: Well, I’m sure I’ll get a LOT of UFO’s done!!! lol

Don’t be sad. The best gifts you can give your children are roots and wings! Now you have more time to knit. :hug:

:hug: It’s been a while, but I remember that feeling! At least you have a hobby to keep you occupied! :slight_smile:

I’m going to be with ya on the 25th. Not only will Roo be starting Kindergarten and Isaiah going into the 3rd grade but they are also going to a new school since we moved…I don’t know what I’m going to do during the day…I’ll be glad when the first few days are over for Isaiah though being new and making new friends…he is so quiet I worry about that. :hug:

The kids are home now and their day was great! My son did just fine with one tiny exception: later in the day he got to missing his big sister so the school counselor took him to her classroom and he got to give his sister a big hug, then he was all better!

He brought home lots of pictures he colored too! I think he was definitely more prepared than I. I mean I knew it was coming, but it had always seemed so far off…Boy how time flies!

And, I know what ya mean, dustinac! My son, when around new people, gets very quiet and sort of clams up…Poor thing, he looked like a deer in headlights when he first got to school; he was pretty overwhelmed! But, he did great and is looking forward to going back tomorrow.

I dunno, I guess, in my mind, he seems younger than he is because he’s my youngest, my last baby. I found myself worrying about little things like will he remember to bring his lunchbox home, and his thermos, things like that…But, of course, he remembered to bring everything home!

I wasn’t really worried about my daughter as she’s used to the school routine and knows just what to expect, and, she was really excited to go back.

But yeah, today was weird…I’m so not used to a quiet house and not making lunch and 50 million snacks throughout the day…TOTALLY not used to being able to take a shower without having a child banging on the door and calling , “MAMA!!” And, really not used to NOT hearing kid shows blaring from the tv!

I’m just glad both kids had a wonderful day and they’re both looking forward to going back again tomorrow…Me, on the other hand…lol…What an adjustment this is!

That was so nice of the counselor to do that for him! :yay:

I remember when they were both off to school, too. It’s hard for a short time, but pretty soon you’ll enjoy it even though you look forward to them coming home. :hug:

Learn to enjoy the solitude and as the kids grow, to see they are I’m sure turning into wonderful young adults. OK, OK, I know I’m getting ahead of you here, they’re what? 6 & 7? :wink:

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I am gearing up for my DD to go to preschool for the first time this year. I’m sure I will be in the same boat in a couple weeks.


Today was a better day for me…lol…I held it together just fine, and, since hubby is home this week, I was able to go to my mom and dad’s to borrow their lawn mower and FINALLY take care of my yard! It was in desperate need of attention…lol…It was actually pretty nice being able to do it straight through, without the kids interrupting me non-stop!

My son was still a bit overwhelmed this morning, upon first arriving in the gym. That’s where all the kids go in the morning so they can line up to go to class…It was pretty loud yesterday and today and he really doesn’t like a lot of loud noise but once the kids get settled in the routine, I know it will quiet down, the staff makes sure of that…lol…But, he still seems to be doing fine and was looking forward to going back today!

My DD also hates loud noises…unless, of course, she is the one making them! :teehee:


:teehee: Ain’t that the truth!!

I definitely know what you mean- it’s hard. My youngest started Kindergarten last year & it was very weird. I was working full time then so it wasn’t quite so bad.

When my oldest (and only child at the time) started school- I was just fine. As a single mom at the time, I was used to dropping her off for daycare. The first day she rode the bus (a couple weeks after school started)- I completely lost it. She was just so small and I’ll never forget watching those little legs go up the BIG steps on the bus.

Mine start back tomorrow! :woot: