First Day of School!


My kids are off to the first day of school. I am not scheduled to work today. I am all alone at home!!
I can think uninterrupted thoughts!
I can complete any task I wish to without interruption.
There is no squabbling.
It’s quiet.
It’s peaceful.
If I clean something it will stay clean for a few hours.


I love the first day of school :heart:.



Our schools started back on Aug. 18th. Then Tropical Storm Fay entered the picture and they closed the schools the very next day.Then Fay didn’t even damage anything in Polk County. I am a school crossing guard so I have the same holidays off the kids get. Every teacher work day or student holiday.

Is it wrong that this is [I][U]exactly[/U][/I] the same way I feel when my roommate/boyfriend goes out of town or works late? :mrgreen:

Had the grandkids for the summer. First day of school yay :woot::woot::roflhard: :slight_smile:

:teehee: Man, that must be soo weird!