First day of school = no more knitting... T.T

It’s that time of the year again :crying: I will have to focus on my study and that means I’ll have less and less time to knit :pout: But I’ll still try to find some spare time to knit if possible…just can’t help it! :rofl:

Oh and by the way, Happy New Years guys! :cheering:

Boo for schoolwork. :pout:
YAY for knitting! :cheering:

Happy New Year to you too! :hug:

Ugh, I am so unexcited about this semester starting. I just want to get the little piece of paper that says I’m educated and never set foot on a campus again.

I know what you mean. I have so much to do and so little time. And then there’s sockintine’s day coming up. Well, back to studying again :pout:

I remember reading something recently about women in India knitting during university classes. Apparently, the school had to put out a policy against it because so many women were doing it.

Fight the power ladies! Everyone knows the only people paying attention are the ones who are knitting :slight_smile:

I’m going back to school this semester for graduate work. Taking two online classes, so my knitty time will be cut down. :pout:

At least I can knit (simple stuff) and read at the same time.

That’s so true, although I don’t have the guts to start knitting in class. I hate to draw attention to myself. But I know for sure that I’d pay a lot more attention when I was knitting. Now, my mind usually wanders off after a few minutes.

I’ve been practicing that, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted to. It slowed my reading to much down, because I was constantly checking if I didn’t make a mistake.

Same thing here, I work 25-30 hours a week and this semester I’m full-time at school, so I’m lucky if I knit 2 inches of fabric in a week. Most of my knitting I do at work when it’s slow. :verysad:

I knitted in class last semester, but both projects I’m working on now have challenging stitchwork which requires me to pay a lot of attention to what I’m doing - and I have to have the book with the pattern in front of me at all times. So it won’t work this year. :verysad:

I know what you mean. My semester starts next week :pout: and I won’t be able to knit all day :crying: :verysad: :pout: The good news is that a friend mine is taking classes where I work and she wants me to teach her how to knit during lunch. So that will be fun. I know it’s hard to do but You’re just going to have to make time for yourself to knit. :grphug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Wow, is that true? :noway: They actually banned knitting at school?? :!!!:
Knitting is an educational activity :pout: , we should even have a knitting lesson :happydance:

Yay for knitting! :cheering:

I am so there with y’all!

I work 30 hours a week, have two children, and take three online college classes each term (which equals out to six classes per semester). My children play travel soccer, so we’re constantly running them to practice and out of town on the weekends for games. And now my daughter will be having surgery on her knee to repair her ACL, so we’ll be doing rehab and taking her to practice (she plays on a team two hours away from our home).

And I just got my Options, dpns, sock book, and new yarn to teach myself to knit socks.


:heart: :heart: :heart: to all my fellow classmates who yearn to knit!!!

I’ll certainly do that, otherwise I’ll probably stress out.

I’ll certainly do that, otherwise I’ll probably stress out.

As a university lecturer, I can tell you it’s very relaxing to be knitting at home while students are scrambling to put together their final presentations for my next morning’s class. I could also knit while they take final exams next week, though I haven’t tried it yet because the little monsters are shameless exam cheaters.

I’m a grad student and I knit during boring lectures. I HAVE to or else I fall asleep.

I’ll be a grad student with online courses. No boring lectures! :thumbsup: