First Crochet in 20 years!

I finally did it…. :woohoo:I had been reading this forum since it started and have been antsy to start a project… well after an afternoon of looking up Afghan patterns I found this Popcorn Ripple Afghan – And started it last night in white. Although I did catch myself trying to wrap the yarn from my right hand a couple of times…. The movement came back to me rather quickly.

I haven’t really crocheted in over 20 years when the last thing I made was a baby blanket for my niece, yet unborn – she graduated from college last year! When I was looking for my hooks I came across a scarf I had started for my husband when we were dating… we have been married 19 years this month… I finished it off and it is now padding for my cat’s bed… the colors are pretty blah now that I get a second look! (Can you guess that I am a pack rat… and that is how I can have yarn, hooks and UFO’s from 20+ years ago…)

Now I remember why I enjoyed it so much… very relaxing, and when you mess up, it’s not that big of a deal to pull the yarn, and you just have the one loop to contend with! It also makes me think I really need to learn continental knitting… the movement for crochet has so much more of a flow compared to my knitting.

Just wanted to share, thanks! Lisa:)

Well ! now you are back in the saddle , keep going.

Do not forget to post some pics because i am sure it is going to look stunning!:slight_smile:

Welcome back to crochet! :cheering: And I think you are right about the continental knitting…if that’s where the yarn is in your left hand. I’m a beginner knitter with crochet history and it just feels better to me having the yarn on the left. Please post pics of your afghan when done. Or even in progress pics.

It’s great, huh? :slight_smile: My experience with my long gap of non-crochetedness was like getting back on a bike after a long absence - a little wobbly for a minute, then back in the groove like you had never stopped. :happydance:


I knit more than crochet and I also find myself catching the yarn as if I’m knitting.

That’s a nice ripple pattern!


good for you!!! (and I’m impressed you kept that UFO from so long ago- and remembered what you were doing with it!) keep it up!