First cardigan

I would like to knit a cardigan as a my first sweater. I’m looking online right now for a pattern.
Just wondering if anyone has a simple, long cardigan bookmarked!!!
It would be greatly appreciated.

The first sweater I knit was the Anthropolgie Capelet. I thought it was really pretty easy.

It seems like just elongating the sleeves/body wouldn’t be too scary.

No, it’s not that hard to do. And a lot of people have made long sleeved, long versions of Glampyre’s MiniSweater/Boobholder. For both of them you just keep making sleeves and body longer.


I haven’t knit a cardigan yet, but I have several patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple and love them. I have pattern #9725 for my first cardigan and will give it a try soon.

Knitting Pure and Simple - Cardigans